Remove 90% of manual effort from Invoice Processing

Our AI will read invoices and delivery documents, improve operational processes, cash management, financial controls, protect you from fraud and cyber attacks and integrate into your accounting systems

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Process Invoices
from any Source

Our service will queue and process invoices in all formats such as word, pdf, excel and from invoicing apps. These can be in emails and attachments. The manual steps will be completely eliminated

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Process Invoices
with Forensic Accuracy

Our AI will read all invoice formats, produce accurate records, allow fast cash management and enhance financial controls. The manual steps will be completely eliminated

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Risk Management
at Speed

Our AI will enable risk management and reconciliations to be carried out to forensic levels. Your accountants will spend less time on assurance and audit tasks

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Case Study: A medium sized business achieved full automation, higher levels of accuracy, better controls and returned 100s of hours of work

Extract Invoices
from Emails

The application processes emails from inboxes, extracts the attachments and application link invoices, and presents the files to the AI engine for data extraction

Extract AI Data
from Invoices

The AI engine extracts 25 fields from all invoice formats, calculates the confidence levels for each data field, colour codes each extraction and presents an image of this output

Enhanced Controls
with AI Data

The data is matched to timesheets, then added to NetSuite using an API, presented to the financial controller for authorisation, then added to the payment runs.

Top 10 AI Invoice Processing Benefits

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You can also supplement the AI Invoice Processing with AI Service Management. Service management will enable straightforward queries from suppliers to be dealt with 24*7 by a Digital Assistant. This will free your accounting staff for higher value work.