Use Artificial Intelligence to create new capacity for work

Boost productivity with AI to analyse text, speech and data, carry out workflow and communicate in conversational style

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Start with these AI Services, adjusted for your requirements

Return many thousands of hours of work to the business to enable growth and expansion, all from one management platform

AI Invoice Processing

Remove manual processes and workarounds. Process documents and unstructured data, manage exceptions and controls. Reduce effort by 90%

AI Process Automation

Combine AI and API based business process integration to achieve unparalleled efficiencies across multiple departments

AI Business Development

Automate search of market changes to find companies and people that need your services. Follow an AI analysis driven business process

AI HR Hiring Recruitment

The Digital Assistant for candidate triage, video interview arrangements, document processing and automatiion. Reduce the costs of hiring by 70%

AI Service Management

The Digital Assistant to process emails and calls, authenticate users into accounts, carry out tasks and enable supervision by Service Specialists

AI for Thought Leaders

The Digital Assistant to communicate your core Thought Leadership message. Collate feedback, motivate your audience, create new events

AI Sales & Marketing

Identify your customer requirements automatically in a conversational style straight to their mobile phones. Reduce sales and marketing costs by 70%

AI Project Management

Automate project management with conversational instructions to reduce costs. Use the Bot to manage process, data and reporting

AI Risk Management

Continuously steward the quality of risks, issues and mitigations and progress to resolution, flag clustering so action can be taken

*All these services use the AI Automation Platform so your staff can control the data processing, supervise the digital assistants and change the AI attributes

Case Study 1: Invoice Processing raises productivity by 90% and accuracy to 99%

A medium sized business achieved full automation, higher levels of accuracy, better controls and returned 100s of hours of work

Extract Invoices
from Emails

The application processes emails from inboxes, extracts the attachments and application link invoices, and presents the files to the AI engine for data extraction

Extract AI Data
from Invoices

The AI engine extracts 25 fields from all invoice formats, calculates the confidence levels for each data field, colour codes each extraction and presents an image of this output

Enhanced Controls
with AI Data

The data is matched to timesheets, then added to NetSuite using an API, presented to the financial controller for authorisation, then added to the payment runs.

Case Study 2: AI Hiring Assistant reduces end to end costs by 70%

Supervise and control an Assistant, which automates workflow such as assessing candidates, video interviews, processing documents and onboarding

Candidates self-assess
against requirements

AI chat and scoring enables candidates to self-assess, and HR/Agents manage many more candidates. This is done mainly on mobile phone chat services

Requirements lead
to candidate AI Scores

The power of natural language processing is used to score and objectively match candidate responses to vacancies at any time

Fast interview stage
using integrated video

HR/Agents quickly understand candidates match levels and can progress face to face video interview at any time, seamlessly into ongoing chats

Leverage our knowledge to create your AI Strategy and Actions

Use our collaborative process to engage management and experts in the AI transformation

AI Roadmap
& Requirements

Review the business processes, both client facing services and internal operations, compare to AI automation services to identify the AI roadmap

AI Services
& Operations

Take your business requirements from step 1 and design your AI services based on the kernels that have been proven in service

AI Productivity

Risk assess the transition to operations from step 2 and carefully return many thousands of hours of work to your business